"On Thursday, I was accepted into Harvard, early action.  I would like to thank you for all your help with the essay."

~ Marblehead, MA student

"You make a difference!"

~ Marblehead, MA parent

"The essay workshops really helped.  I would have been lost without it, and I feel very confident now with my essay."

~ Swampscott, MA student

"With a very busy school year approaching, it was such a great help having the essay workshop available.  My daughter came home from the workshop relaxed and feeling good about the fact that she was able to complete an important piece of her college application process before returning to school."

~ Swampscott, MA parent

"When I find myself stressing or panicking over something, I do the 7/11 breathing method and completely calm myself. Mindfulness has given me the chance to learn how to control anxiety and stress and not let stress control me."

~ Swampscott, MA student


"Coaching with Peter Franklin has been a truly wonderful experience. It is by far the best professional development opportunity I have allowed myself and one of the best professional decisions of my career. I have seen growth and changes in myself that I never thought possible. Thank you for opening my eyes to endless possibilities...

 ~ Assistant Superintendent; Boston, North Shore